BTR ep204 సందేహాలు ✅

నమస్తే సర్! BTR EP204 వీడియో చాలా బావుంది. ఈ క్రింది మైనర్  సందేహాలకి దయచేసి మీ గైడెన్స్  కావాలి. ఈ వ్యత్యాసాల వలన కాలిక్యులేషన్‌లో తేడాలు వస్తాయి కదా?!


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29-06-2023 6:27 pm

The coordinates of Ananthapur as given by Google are 14.6819° N, 77.6006° E. These coordinates are in 100% format, but we need to convert them to 60% decimal format.

14.41 (68*60/100=40.08) , 77.36 (60*60/100=36)

In the birth chart, we do maintain everything in Hours: Minutes: Seconds format, that’s the reason we are converting it.

However, there may be slight variations in the coordinates, we have to verify using a nadi table, sub-lord selection, and gender verification.

Do practice with the date of birth details of newborn babies. This will give us experience in adjusting the coordinates to get the most accurate results.

13-08-2023 10:24 am

@RaviKumarB Garu, if you use different astrology software to find the sunrise, if you enter decimal values of coordinates difference can cause the sunrise difference.

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