For twins progressions ఎలా చూడాలి?

వినోద్ గారూ, నమస్తే! ఇద్దరు కవలలు; ఒకే లగ్నం కేవలం మూడు నిమిషాల తేడా 12deg and 15deg parents state that they have the accurate birth time. మన కేస్‌స్టడీస్ లో లాగా, Western ప్రకరం year on year ప్రెడిక్షన్స్ ఇద్దరికీ ఒకేలా వస్తాయి కదా, అప్పుడు జాతకాల్లో తేడా ఎలా గమనించాలి? ఏ సంవత్సరం ఎవరికి పాజిటివ్ గా వుందో ఎవరికి నెగటివ్ గా ఉందో ఎలా చెప్పటం? KP, Vedic లో Western లాగా జడ్జిమెంట్ అంత ఆక్యురేట్ గా ఉండదు కదా?

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21-06-2020 1:15 pm

Sir – could you please give me any clue here?

21-06-2020 3:14 pm

Even D9 and D10 are also looking same. Bhava lords and Bhava Star lords also same except Sublords . Planets sign, star and sublords also looking exactly same.. Only difference is in Bhava sublords. Parents state that elder kid is doing well but younger one. I am not able to get any clue as how to judge this using our progressions and significance. Please provide any clue as how to proceed further

21-06-2020 4:18 pm

I got very useful information in your Ep 112 – D60 chart explanation. D60 charts are different for both the twins – but not able to understand how to apply progressions. As you promised in EP112, please help how to see western progressions for these twins. Thank you in advance.

22-06-2020 1:30 pm

Sir – this question is about a typical case in western astrology predictions only .. could please help?

22-06-2020 2:46 pm

We usually receive 3500 to 4000 questions/comments monthly, some times it will take 4 – 8 weeks to reply.

your patience is greatly appreciated

23-06-2020 4:06 pm

Sure, but really curious about this. I have got this case from a relative he has twins and not able to crack how to resolve..

25-06-2020 5:49 pm

I usually do not judge anything based only on western or Vedic. Before coming to a final conclusion I compare both systems.

Here, in this case, a 3-4min variation of birth time makes a difference in 1° degree of the ascendant & Xth house, so when you compare both the charts you get the difference in progressions also apply transits based on the same difference.

Let’s take a small example

Mr. A, Asc is 10 degrees, Xth house is also 10 degrees, For example, Progressive 10th house 10° approaching trine to natal Sun 11°

Mr. B Asc is 11 degrees, Xth house is 11 degrees, For example, Progressive 10th house 11° cuspal trine to natal Sun 11°

If you combine with transits, there will be differences in predictions, Because Mr B is having perfect progressions at cusp level and favourable transits, So he enjoys the situations. Mr. A, gets perfect progressions at cusp level after a year, during the time if transits are not favourable he may near to the opportunity, but he will not en-cash it Until transits are favourable.

Coming to Vedic there is a concept of moving Lagna.

In Vedic if we want to analyze about immediate younger sibling from a native’s chart we should consider 3rd house from the ASC, for immediate elder sibling we should consider 11th house from the ASC.

For example, Mr. A is the elder one, Mr. B is the younger one.
Mr. A is born at Aries ascendant, Mr B is also technically an arise asc twins ,

let’s assume the case elder Mr. A is aries asc, we should check how Dasha lords and transit are favourable. Now, to check for the younger one Mr. B , move Lagna to Gemini asc, check the Dasha lords, and transit being favourable to compare. You will see the variations in the predictions.

But to predict in a minute level getting exact predictions , first, rectify the birth time, check the divisional charts, D-60, D-150, or KP cusps houses or bhava analysis. Practising on many charts enhances the accuracy of the prediction.

25-06-2020 10:53 pm

Vinod garu – Thanks a zillion for your time and precious guidance in detail!

1. Owing to the birth-time difference of hardly 3 min, there is not even a complete 1 degree variation in ascendants 11:08:22 & 11:46:21 and Xth houses 08:43:09 & 09:26:09 . Hence struggling to find variations even in approaching and cusp progressions

  • 2. Thank you for ‘ ‘ Move Lagna ’ ‘ concept which you had explained in D-60 episode as well.
    • Can I use the same tool under KP Horary link on our RVA site?
    • I got used rather addicted to the western progressions method taught by you to judge if DBA ’ ‘ s are actually working or not. In dilemma now as how to confidently predict without progressions year-on-year and just depending upon Vedic DBA
  • Vinod
    26-06-2020 12:09 pm

    explaining twins horoscope and BTR is in our list .. if you have patience wait for it. if you do not have patience take google help :

    > “530” “bbcravikumar” id=”1756″ number=”10″ “bbcravikumar @bbcravikumar#1756 Can I use the same tool under KP Horary link on our RVA site?

    ITS ONLY FOR HORARY not for birth chart

    26-06-2020 2:13 pm

    Thank you sir! I started learning astrology only from your video lessons from Episode0 onwards since 2017 till date. You made things easy and not able to adjust to others ’ ‘ style of teaching. Also there are different versions of books and they always create confusion. I only can request you to expedite releasing the lessons at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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