Life ఎప్పటికీ బాగుంటుంది?

My dob xx.xx.xx time 01.40am place xxxxxx and I m married a guy in xxxx without knowing to my family and his family he already married another woman on xxxx and having children now he is staying with them only and is there chances to stay with me we both loved from xxxx to xxxx suddenly he married that woman. And my carrier also not good life also not good I m going to depression and there is no hope on life I tried to die 3 times but I m not deing. Life eppatiki baaguntundi okkoka astrologist okkokala chepparu Anni chesa ina no use andi I left my govt job also last yr why these happens to me good vasthundi kaani ventane bad avthundi Naa life lo. Tane marriage annadu chesukunam kani tane ippudu istam ledu antadu ..job vachindi kaani aa time lo naku depression valla manesaanu

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05-04-2024 6:21 pm

This flatform meant for astrology learning doubts only..if u need personal consultation through rva website

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