Results of Rahu in 7th House for Virgo ascendant

As far as i understand from many astrologers and study, if Rahu in 7th house there might be high chances of early marriage or Late marriage or Late kids. Not sure exact reason and didnt get any good explanation anywhere. Here is a simple chart with Virgo Kethu ascendant where Saturn in 3rd, Rahu in 7th, Jupiter in 8th house and rest all 5 Su,Mo,Ma,Me,Ve planets in 12th house and everyone calling it as “Pancha Graha Kutami”. By looking wise the chart is simple but getting difficulty in calculating rules because of “Panch Graha Kutami” in 12th house. Can anyone throw some light on this how to predict or reason for late marriage or early marriage in this scenario ? Appreciate for you help..!!

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