Marriage prediction

Meha lagna, with Jupiter, and 4th house venus , Mars, sun how to predict marriage.

And what sukra moudyami and Kuja moudyami.

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10-12-2021 12:11 pm

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> “52” “Vinod” id=”646″ number=”5 @”Vinod”#p646 we don’t recommend any remedies. let me tell you something. let’s say you are riding a bike using astrology you may predict there is a pothole in your journey. what you are supposed to do? slow down the vehicle and you need to drive carefully right? or you can try to avoid it if possible right? – if case both ways not possible you need to take the pain right? now the remedies can patch the pothole? I really don’t know, because I have not tested. if you can not understand this simple logic this channel is not the right place for you.
> if possible once watch the below video, it may or may not address your doubts
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> we don’t recommend any remedies. I hope my answer is not logical as you are expected!

10-12-2021 12:14 pm

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