5 planets conjuctions in one house, how this combination works?

Sir 5 planets conjuctions in one house like sun,satrun,mercury,venus,jupiter in 6th house vruchika lagnam plz tell how this combination And moon in 4th ketu in 3rd rahu in 9th plz tell

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06-05-2020 9:50 am

Vinod garu you are my guru🙏🙏🙏🙏
Because of you and by your team Im able to predict the events and guide the people morethan 50 according to astrology..
But today a guy come with the date 04.04.1996 where panchagraha kutami happened in Meena and rahu along with moon was watching it from kanya ..
I don ’ ‘ t know how to predict this chart can you explain this day irrespective of lagna he was born in kanya lagna though .
Or else can you came to online for q&a it would be very great full thanks!!🙏🙏

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