Weekly predictions in RVA

I particularly like “ Daily Prediction ” section in rahasyavedicastrology.com

Is there any possibility for you to also provide  Weekly Predictions  ahead? This would help people to plan and schedule some of their small events?

This is more sort of a feature request to an already awesome website / tool for astrology

Thanks much 🙏

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> “1681” “NarayanaM” id=”46465″ number=”1 @”NarayanaM”#p46465 Is there any possibility for you to also provide Weekly Predictions ahead?

Yes, this is planned ` RVA v2 ` you can expect enhancements after July or August.

https://ask.rahasyavedicastrology.com/d/1531-rva-v2-its-not-here-yet https://ask.rahasyavedicastrology.com/d/1531-rva-v2-its-not-here-yet

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