Difference in list of Suba Graha vs Papa Graha

Hi Sir,

I am going through your astrology videos from youtube,

thanks for posting those useful content and it’s very helpful for learners like me,

one quick question i have is, for me current Dasha period is Jupiter and my Lagna is Vrushaba, my dad met some astrologers one saying Jupiter is Subha Graha for this Lagna, so this period is going to be good but some others said Jupiter is not Subha Graha for this Lagna so don’t expect favourable results,

and they have given Subha Graha list like below but that’s not matching with yours,

suba grahalu, –> Guru, Ketu, Kuja,

papa grahalu –> Shani, Shukra, budha,

Surya & Chandra are going to be Subha graha if they are in 1,4,5,9,10 position from Lagna,

so could you please clarify on this?


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16-03-2022 6:50 pm

12 , 2,26

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