why does progression and transit charts show different positions for planets? ✅

May look like a silly question, but why does progression chart and transit chart show different positions for planets. The pace at which all the planets move is same in both the charts and the time period is also same, then why do they show different positions in these two charts, i.e. Progressive and Transit charts.

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30-06-2022 2:04 pm

“Progression vs Transit”,”why does progression and transit charts show different positions for planets?”

30-06-2022 4:53 pm

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  • – Birth Chart – birth chart is generated using our birth details
  • – Western progression chart – it is generated based on the birth date + progression year
  • – Transit chart – it is nothing but the planetary position for a given date.

    If you observe the progression chart we are adding 22days to generate the 23rd-year progression year of the native. watch the below-linked video where I have discussed the difference between these 3 charts.

    comment image comment image

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  • TeamRVA
    01-07-2022 6:34 am

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