How to identify lagna?

1998 october 17. 1.45am na time of birth.
Ah time ni batti chuste simha rasi,cancer lagna ani jathaka chart lo undhi but siddanthi 1998 panchangam lo chuste karkataka lagnam 1.48or 1.49am ki end simha lagnam kindha consider cheyali antunaru.asalu a lagnam anedhi cheppandi please

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03-08-2020 11:37 am

Hi, you can check using the RVA Software and generate your Kundali. Once you generate your horoscope, refer to House 1, which can be identified by the Roman numeral 1, and that represents your lagna. You can also watch the video mentioned below for a demo of the RVA software, where some basic features are discussed.

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How to check lagnam? ✅

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