for Capricorn asc Saturn placed at bhadhaka sthana

Guru gaaru namaskaram🙏

Nenu Mee videos chustunnannu
Naadi oka chinna doubt
Makara lagnam jatakam
Indulo vruschikam lo shani,budha,Ravi kalisaaru
11th lo conjunction aindi
Meeru cheppina vidanga
Chuste Chara rashi ki 11 th house badhaka stanam aindi
Ippudu nadiche mahadasha budha mahadasha
Ippudu lagnadipati badhakasthanam lo sun and Mercury Toni vunnadu
Yela consider cheyaali ardam lavadam ledu

Ikkada lagnadipati afflict ayyyada leda

Dayachesi teliyacheyagalaru

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10-04-2020 3:17 am

Do not ask me predictions based on multiple planetary potions because we have to see all the progressions comparing with the dasha , bukthi is required to judge

here in the above case lagna lord can not be directly bhadhaka or maraka , here we dont know all the planets in which star they are situated exactly. in that case its hard judge.

do not reply me with those star information and ask me to judge.

here 6th & 9th lord of mercury conjoined lagna lord at 11th house its generally good, but we need to verify how the mars is posited is also important .

mercury as a 6th lord connected to bhadhaka house chances to give health related issues too because mercury having 6th and 9th lordship so he is going to give 50% positive results only.

but above all statements are not final retrogression , star level verification , progressions, transits ..etc we need to consider for final judgment

in future we have case studies about health, even using horary i have explained . so practice the existing topics meanwhile

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