What are the results of Mars square uranus?

What are the results of Mars square uranus.
For kanya lagna Uranus deposited in 4th house and mars which is 3rd and 8th lord deposited in 6th house. Both don ’ ‘ t have any bad aspects in natal chart. In progression mars came into 7th house and made square aspect with uranus. What are the results.

Please make a video on uranus.

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20-11-2020 1:02 pm

“Western aspects”,”What are the results of Mars square uranus?”

20-11-2020 1:07 pm

“804” “srisatya” id=”2646″ number=”1″ “srisatya @srisatya#2646 it originally has good aspect but we need to consider degrees properly in the natal chart.

in progressions as per your words it formed bad aspect it can give negative results .. but we need to look on dasha and proper progression analysis needed to judge.

whenever originally we have a good aspect between those planets in such cases if a bad aspect formed in progressions can give some discount on bad progression.

20-11-2020 3:52 pm

“804” “srisatya” id=”2807″ number=”4″ “srisatya @srisatya#2807 Read our FAQ and tell us why we can not answer your question.

https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/ask/d/494-frequently-asked-questions https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/ask/d/494-frequently-asked-questions

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