I am worried about my planetary positions

sir,nadi arudra nakshatram, makara lagnam,sun mercury venus 8th position lo unnai birth chart lo ,adi kaaka sani mahardasha nadustundi kada. meeru cheppina daani prakaaram etu chuskunna nenu lonely ani bayam vestundi sir😁😁😁😁

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27-04-2020 11:04 am

sir i m not a astrolgy practician ,i m curious about my horoscope and watched lot of your videos and u r videos make sense ,so i wanted to know my horoscope .please help me. sir my dob is 14-09-1998 ,4:30 pm

27-04-2020 3:34 pm

i wanted to know my horoscope .please help me. sir my dob is 14-09-1998 ,4:30 pm

This forum / youtube channels helps to learn astrology easily, if you have any learning doubts let us know we will try to reply.

If you want anyone to analyze horoscope for you it will take human time and efforts, astrologer might charge for his efforts. reach any astrologer or you can book consultation at our website

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27-04-2020 10:28 am

in the same video i have clearly mentioned other planetary positions need to be considered .

here in this case you are judging it considering single parameter which is not a right approach . learn astrology perfectly then try to practice and judge.

when your understanding is not correct there is no point in blaming others or getting worried.

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