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Vicky 1 month ago
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ఊర్ధ్వము అంటే పైకి, అధో అనగా కిందికి అని అర్దం
GuestUser 10 months ago
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Continuation for first video
Priyanka 10 months ago
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why can’t Saturn gets positional status? ep136
SanjayN 11 months ago
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యోగిని దశ గురించి చెప్పండి
SharatChandra 11 months ago
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GPT గురించి ఇంకొన్ని విషయాలు చెప్పండి ✅
Pavankumar2 11 months ago
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Any videos in the future about vastu and birth chart relation?
vsvsj 12 months ago
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make video on venus on ketu nakstra
KishoreKumar 12 months ago
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How to decide muhuratam?
VikasK 1 year ago
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Pai Paddathi cheppandi
GPRC 1 year ago
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how to check the degree of pitru dosha in chart?
Gbhai 1 year ago
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will you make videos on numerology? ✅
Saikiran1 1 year ago
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When will new videos be released sir?
DeepthiG 1 year ago
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Daily or weekly predictions based on birth chart
Haripriya 1 year ago
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KP గురుంచి videos చేయండి
GuestUser 2 years ago
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RVA Videos Timestamps & README Project
TeamRVA 2 years ago
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Which one sounds better? ✅
TeamRVA 2 years ago
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Ruling Planets for 111 horary is wrongly mentioned? ep137
GuestUser 2 years ago
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When can we expect new video sir?? ✅
DeepthiG 2 years ago
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You said after reaching 1 lack subs you will be doing live streams
GuestUser 2 years ago