RVA Videos Timestamps & README Project

Hello everybody,

We all love our RVA and its vastly existing astrology video library. One part of that is the many different topics that are discussed. One of the major challenges we are facing is to ensure it is organized well so others can easily find what they are looking for. As of right now, all the topics are tied to multiple videos.

In consequence, the Time Stamp & README initiative has been launched by  “Vinod” id=”3 @”Vinod”#3 . What’s the objective? Listing all videos with timestamps & documenting what was discussed so that they are available for all users to surf in an easy manner.

### FAQ

I currently started learning and want to suggest timestamps!

If you are currently started learning from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v0GGUghwyE&list=PLvmzzcGHiU3TfI5LO2G1JTHPmT3sZqJZe&index=1 ep0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4v0GGUghwyE&list=PLvmzzcGHiU3TfI5LO2G1JTHPmT3sZqJZe&index=1 , we very much like to welcome you to share time stamps of topics whichever you feel are important.

If you are ready to go – ping the “TeamRVA” id=”73 @”TeamRVA”#73 in this discussion!

I want to contribute time stamps for new videos only!

If you want to help with time stamps we would recommend you post here. We will be reviewing your suggestions and update the video description.

I want to help in documenting everything that was discussed!

If you want to help with a short or long description we would recommend you post here mentioning the ep number and the description.

Example on how to note down timestamps

Typically all of our videos contain 5 major parts which are Intro, Disclaimer, Astrological Approach, Chart Explanation & Conclusion you can make notes in the following manner and share:

00:00 – Introduction

05:00 – Disclaimer/Precautions

13:00 – Astrological Approach

21:00 – Example/Chart Explanation

30:00 – Conclusion

Too many timestamps are not so useful, so keep it simple. 😄

>! b1Fo_M_tj6w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1Fo_M_tj6w https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1Fo_M_tj6w

We are delighted for this initiative to happen as it provides additional ease to the learners. We are happy to hear your feedback and hope many videos are going to get timestamps and a good description!

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28-09-2021 7:17 pm

here you go! let me explain my first experience in making notes for ep0

I have installed google voice input tools – Telugu keyboard on my android device and composing everything from voice to text was not so comfortable. Switched to google docs voice-to-text and the writing experience feels pretty much like talking to a computer. I have summarised entire ep0 into text like an article but it needs to be reviewed

There are few mentions @ 10:45 about the research that is completely irrelevant to the main topic : Astro advertising and stocks @Vinod I am not adding them into the docs, what are your thoughts on this? https://docs.google.com/document/d/13y1GHta7tJYW0cxpWp6Y-twvaCBl9bDx0XaJOo6Zhgo/

29-09-2021 10:58 am

“1113” “DocsMan” id=”3866″ number=”6 @”DocsMan”#p3866 welcome 🙂 ఒకవేళ Off-topic ఉంటే దాన్ని ఒక దగ్గర Note చేద్దాము. Off-topic అన్ని కలిపి ఒక సారి మళ్లీ రాద్దాం. రెండు మూడు రోజుల్లో doc చూస్తా

10-10-2021 2:10 am

“1113” “DocsMan” id=”3866″ number=”6 @”DocsMan”#p3866 చూసాను, ఇంకా చాలా విషయాలు కలిపితే బాగుంటుంది. మూడు నెలలు తర్వాత మనం కలిసి రాద్దాం, Quiz పని కూడా ఒకేసారి అయిపోతది.

01-05-2022 8:04 am

దీనిమీద నేను పని చేయడం ప్రారంభించాను, వీడియోలో చాలా వరకూ ఇంగ్లీష్ పదాలు వాడడం జరిగింది వాటిని పూర్తిగా తెలుగులోకి తర్జుమా చేయడం జరిగింది. వీడియో వ్యవధి ఒక గంట ఉంటే దాన్ని రాయడానికి ఐదు గంటలు పడుతుంది.

దీని మీద పనిచేయడానికి నాకు రోజుకు ఐదు గంటల సమయం దొరుకుతుంది, ఇప్పటివరకు 23 వీడియోలు రాశాను. ఇలా చేసుకుంటూ పోతే ఐదు నుంచి ఆరు నెలలు సమయం పట్టొచ్చు.

సిద్ధాంత భాగం ఒకటి ఉంది అది ఇంకా ప్రారంభించలేదు, సిద్ధాంత భాగాన్ని MS Excel తో లెక్కింపు పై పూర్తిగా పురోగతిని సాధించాను ఆ లెక్కింపు కూడా Documentation చేయాలి.

ఒక నెల రోజుల తర్వాత అప్పటివరకు రాసినవన్నిటి పై ఒక సారి సమీక్ష జరుపుదాం. “DocsMan” id=”823 @DocsMan

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