Aravana Chakram For Mantra Upadesam

Namaste sir, iam very grateful to you for providing your great knowledge to us.Sir, i want to take mantra upadesam from siddha guru,i have heard that before taking mantra upadesam we have to check from Aravana Chakram of the person,which mantra suits him,which mantra doesnt suit him like that.could you please elaborate on this topic.Thankyou so much sir.

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14-12-2021 4:11 am

“1561” “ManojKumarS” id=”43015″ number=”1 @”ManojKumarS”#p43015 this is one of the topic which we do not want to dive into, we suggest you to try other sources Google, books..etc . Future questions on this will be ignored.

cc “Vinod” id=”3 @Vinod

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