GPT గురించి ఇంకొన్ని విషయాలు చెప్పండి

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3 Pavankumar2 2 years ago

Conjunction of retrograde planets with node signs

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0 Nagadurga 2 years ago

Use this to your research

1 Prasanna 2 years ago

GPT : నా జన్మ జాతకం ప్రకారం ABC గ్రూపులుగా చెప్పగలరు

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2 Jbs 2 years ago

Konni Houses lo planets levu, empty ga vunay

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0 Prasanna 2 years ago

Aravana Chakram For Mantra Upadesam

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1 ManojKumarS 3 years ago

Should we not take reference of GPT for hourly swing or scalping intraday?

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5 VenuGopal 3 years ago

Golden prediction technique

3 vrc 3 years ago

GPT : A,C grade గ్రహాలు వచినప్పుడు ఫలితం ఎలా ఉంటుంది?

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4 Sunell 3 years ago

GPT : A,B,C planets it is different or same for everyone?

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3 HarishK 3 years ago

Sun and venus conjunction

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2 Prasad9 3 years ago

how to practice GPT?

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1 JagadishT 3 years ago

There is only one vide on Golden Prediction right?

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4 user09 4 years ago

Golden technique prediction doubts

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6 DilipKumar 4 years ago

golden predicton technique

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3 HarshaVardhan 4 years ago

GPT: ఒకే లగ్న నక్షత్రంలో ఇద్దరికి ఫలితాలు ఎలా చెప్పాలి?

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1 Pradeep 4 years ago

GPT we observe 90days of our planet pattern, how it will give results to others?

1 GuestUser 4 years ago

How to know If Ketu is strong in the chart ? Subbu Technique

4 ManojV 4 years ago

Golden prediction గురించి ఒకసారి calculation check చేయగలరా?

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2 GuestUser 4 years ago

Do videos about stocks, financial astrology

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19 GuestUser 4 years ago