What planet placements are suitable or indicative of success in stock market trading?

Please share a video on what planet placements are suitable or indicate success in stock market trading? And also, what are not good for the same?

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07-01-2022 6:14 am

I want to see a case study about a successful stock market trader ✅

Sounds good, but here trader phycology/trader favourable time/trading patterns all are different. It’s actually a very huge topic involved with financial matters so there are many chances for misunderstanding that’s the reason we avoid this topic. I recommend you to take 100+ horoscope from same category with right birth details.

Logical Thinking Well aspect of Sun, Jupiter, Mars

Analytical Approach Well aspect of Saturn & Mercury

Sudden Money Combination Involvement with Rahu – Trend

Do verify these combinations & dasha period judgment including progressive’s aspects to get an idea of the people whether they are successful or not. But through this, you can’t know what their strategies are and how they trade to make money.

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