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Match making

Western Astrology Case Studies
1 Vara 2 years ago

moon Maha dasa sat dasa results

Dasha Vedic Astrology Case Studies
0 AchuthaRugvedi 2 years ago

Marriage matching points

Telugu Case Studies
0 Srilekha1 2 years ago

Golden paddhati

Telugu Vedic Astrology Case Studies
1 UmeshSai 2 years ago

Love failure astrology

Combinations Case Studies
0 Advaitham 2 years ago

Kuja stanam

Vedic Astrology Yogas & Doshas Case Studies
0 Swapnasri 2 years ago


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0 ChandanV 2 years ago


Case Studies
0 Karthik29 2 years ago

What planet placements are suitable or indicative of success in stock market trading?

Answered Case Studies Stocks
2 VikasK 2 years ago

I want to see a case study about a successful stock market trader

Case Studies Stocks Answered
2 Rahu 2 years ago

Prarabdha karma completed for the person

Case Studies
1 veera 2 years ago

Progressive venus Xth house and Sun square లోకి involve అవటం negative కింద రాదా?

Western Astrology Telugu Case Studies
3 RaviKumarB 2 years ago

Mithuna lagna ascendent .

Case Studies
2 Sudharshini 2 years ago

About budhudu

Western Astrology Vedic Astrology Case Studies
0 adityabala 2 years ago


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0 GayathriP 3 years ago

How to know second marriage time in astrology?

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3 PRajeshwar 3 years ago

What profession to choose according to astrology?

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4 raghuonline 4 years ago

Marriage ఏ దశ లో ఇచ్చింది రవి లో రాహు ఇచ్చిందా?

Telugu Case Studies
0 SireeshaC 4 years ago

Abroad వెళ్లాలంటే ఏ గ్రహం ఎన్ని డిగ్రీస్ లో ఉండాలి?

Telugu Answered Case Studies
2 GuestUser 4 years ago

How to predict legal divorce & second marriage in Western?

Telugu Answered Case Studies
4 Vin69848 4 years ago