Sun sign dates – western vs vedic

Vinod garu,

A general doubt on why the sun sign dates are different for western zodiac and vedic system.

Why do westerners consider, say 21st Dec as start of Capricorn, where as in the astrological chart, Sun is just 5-6 degrees into Sagittarius. Vedic system considers 14th Jan as a start, as per the sun movement into Capricorn zodiac.

Any explanation for the same?

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02-03-2022 10:02 am

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02-03-2022 10:11 am

“1627” “SaiSumanP” id=”44707″ number=”1 @”SaiSumanP”#p44707 it’s the difference of ayanamsa, in western astrology, they do not consider ayanamsa. Not using the ayanamsa is also called ` Sayana ` method.

Using the ayanamsa is called ` Nirayana ` and we Vedic astrologers always use Nirayana. In Vedic astrology, while using ayanamsa we do add approximately 24° to the planet.

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