What time zone should i select in kundali report generation 5.5 or 5.30? ✅

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Capricorn ascedent with retrograde saturn in 11th house scorpion. how does it effect in my life? ✅

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How to findout My Date of birth.?

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Similar combinations in Western

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Results when the same planet is Yogakaraka as well as Bhadakaraka??

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Sun mercury combustion ✅

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moon Maha dasa sat dasa results

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Which one is accurate either astro numerology or astrology?

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Need clarification

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About lagnam

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True value of rahu-ketu not being shown in your software

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Please suggest me the best kp horary software for download

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mars in 6th house cancer ascendant, analyze mahadasha

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Which is more significant Asc / Moon / AK for compatability

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Any videos in the future about vastu and birth chart relation?

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Sun sign dates – western vs vedic

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How to decide muhuratam?

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Current day planet position

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Yogakaraka planet debilitated

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