Ruling planet motion chart, provide option to opt for longer timeframe

Dear RVA Team,

First and foremost thanks for providing very informative tools that are very handy to several users.. Off lately, I have been using “Ruling Planet Motion section” of this website. I am thankful to see this info on the website. However, the display is limited to just 30 mins from the entered time..

If i have to check the data for whole day, it is hectic change the time for every 30 mins. Consider this as kind request to extend the same or provide option to opt for longer timeframe. It would be a great help to display a min of 12 hours data from entered time so that one can use it flawlessly..

Also, i am wondering can we get a downloadable option for this data into excel format for each day? this helps in analysing previous dates. I sincerely request these 2 changes to be implemented at the earliest inorder to make better use of this section..

Kindly consider and respond..

Thank you.

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08-03-2022 3:30 pm

“Ruling Planet Motion”,”Rulling planet motion chart, provide option to opt for longer timeframe”

08-03-2022 3:49 pm

“1711” “Hems” id=”48356″ number=”1 @”Hems”#p48356 why would you like to generate for 12hrs?

09-03-2022 6:57 am

“1711” “Hems” id=”48361″ number=”6 @”Hems”#p48361 we will consider extending the range but at this moment we can not promise when it will happen.

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