Not able to select year 2023 ✅

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1 Udit 1 month ago

Move Lagna feature is not working ✅

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3 GuestUser 7 months ago

how to save an horoscope as PDF file? RVA Software

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2 NSubrahmanyam 8 months ago

The Location for French Ciites is not working properly

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1 VikramRana 9 months ago

Showing first house differently in birth chart

8 SireeshaRaj 10 months ago


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2 Thokoza 11 months ago

Ruling planet motion chart, provide option to opt for longer timeframe

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5 Hems 11 months ago

RVA hora muhurta సమయం తప్పుగా చూపిస్తుంది ✅

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3 18phd 12 months ago

KP Horary chart printing not working.

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4 User_0457 1 year ago

Website horoscope chart display

1 JeevanY 1 year ago

Missing cities from the database

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12 User_2980 1 year ago

i want to purchase RVA Software please give information

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1 KanakaRaju 1 year ago

login suddenly stopped working in this forum, Any issue with portal? ✅

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9 Ravikumar B 1 year ago

Year “2022” cannot be selected to generate any chart. ✅

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7 lifepath8 1 year ago

Not able to select year 2022 ✅

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4 Udit 1 year ago

Current day planet position

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2 MvRk 1 year ago

bug in rva software, for a house or planet position

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5 kiran_kiran 1 year ago

RVA software isn’t working in iOS and macOS

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3 DeepthiG 1 year ago

Discrepancy in Rahu Star and Sub ✅

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7 Ravikumar B 1 year ago

D9 in RVA astrology Software showing different lagna ✅

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8 SPY 1 year ago