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3 dhawal 4 months ago

When there are three to four planets in a house than the planets are overlapping in the print sheet

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3 Sesha Krishna 5 months ago

Will RVA software do the war time correction automatically?

0 Yogee Acharya 5 months ago

How can I modify my username on the RVA forum?

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1 GuestUser 5 months ago

Day ruler discrepancy in KP

1 DhanushK 6 months ago

Unable to access saved profiles RVA 2.0

RVA Software Reported Support
1 GuestUser 6 months ago

Panchang and hora is not at all working

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1 18phd 8 months ago

Planet house no is showing one no less than actual house no

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5 Udit 8 months ago

Forum has a bug for me to ask questions

2 GuestUser 9 months ago

BTR table లో అంతర తత్వాలు website update చేసాక రావట్లేదు

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3 GuestUser 10 months ago

Chaughadiya and Hora are missing in upgraded website

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1 JPG 11 months ago

Login Issue: Amazon Credentials

Answered English Support
2 GuestUser 11 months ago

KP Horary chart, cusp / house analysis is not matching with Asc-sign

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0 K. Murugesan 1 year ago

RVA software lo bugs unnaya?

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1 Anuvendra 1 year ago

How do I download the astrology software?

English Support Answered
1 GuestUser 1 year ago

Not able to select year 2023

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1 Udit 1 year ago

Move Lagna feature is not working

Support Answered KP Horary
3 GuestUser 2 years ago

how to save an horoscope as PDF file? RVA Software

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2 NSubrahmanyam 2 years ago

The Location for French Ciites is not working properly

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1 VikramRana 2 years ago

Showing first house differently in birth chart

8 SireeshaRaj 2 years ago