Sir if Saturn in kumbha lagna 10 home in shatabhisha nakshatra for rishaba lagnam and 6th house Rahu in Swati nakshatra and Venus and Jupiter in 7 th house in Anuradha nakshatra which planet I’ll give results Rahu is bigger than all it I’ll give r Saturn I’ll give r Jupiter I’ll give and which planet I’ll roll more places tell 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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14-03-2022 6:07 pm

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14-03-2022 6:15 pm

Do not start multiple discussions regarding the same question. If you have composed your question incorrectly you can make a new post under the first post and also you need not please or request for replies/answers. Once you start a discussion it goes into the queue and it does take time for us to go through all questions revert. Please be patient, we have mentioned the same @ FAQ & Community Guidelines

> “494” “TeamRVA” id=”1529″ number=”1 @”TeamRVA”#p1529 Can I expect instant replies to my astrology learning doubts?
> We usually receive 3500 to 4000 questions/comments monthly, some times it will take 4 – 8 weeks to reply. once you start any discussion do wait, your patience is greatly appreciated!

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