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Guru considered poorna shubudu?

Vedic Astrology
0 RAM KISHORE P 3 days ago

When there are three to four planets in a house than the planets are overlapping in the print sheet

Support RVA Software
2 Sesha Krishna 6 days ago

Life ఎప్పటికీ బాగుంటుంది?

Telugu General
0 suma priya 1 week ago

Which mantra is suitable for me? aravana chakram

1 Balaji M 1 week ago

కేవలం Progressive Moon మాత్రం unfavorable గా ఉంటే మాత్రం – ఆ పిరియడ్ అంతగా యోగించదా?

Western Astrology Telugu
0 RaviKumarB 1 week ago

Presently rahu dasa, facing delayed financial settlement

0 sita ram 1 week ago

సప్తమం లో ఉన్న బుధుడు శుభుడ లేదా అశుభుడా?

Telugu Planets
0 NV reddy Pulagam 2 weeks ago

Request for analysis of results of 01 to 12 lords in each house reg

Videos House
0 GuestUser 2 weeks ago

Communicating with the Deceased

1 GuestUser 2 weeks ago

లగ్నం కి యోగ కారకులు 8 లొ ఉంటే అ దశ యోగిస్తుందా?

Telugu Dasha
0 Sarma1 2 weeks ago

Will RVA software do the war time correction automatically?

0 Yogee Acharya 3 weeks ago

Pros and cons if Venus is placed in the 11th house?

0 Sheikhu Baba 3 weeks ago

How can I modify my username on the RVA forum?

Support Answered
1 GuestUser 3 weeks ago

10th house for libra ascendant results

0 lalithasastry 3 weeks ago

Does all planets gives the result of shukra?

0 AjayS 3 weeks ago

Guru chandana yoga, Is it only the conjunction or planets in other planet’s star?

Yogas & Doshas English
0 AjayS 3 weeks ago

ఫలవంతమైన, నిశ్ఫలవంతమైన మరియు అర్ధఫలవంతమైన రాశుల గురించి వివరించండి

Telugu Vedic Astrology
2 Murali1 3 weeks ago

How to get report date wise between the aspects of the planets

Calculation Ephemeris
1 User895 3 weeks ago

Day ruler discrepancy in KP

1 DhanushK 3 weeks ago

What happens when sun and shani combust in the 10th house at dhanus rasi?

Vedic Astrology Combinations English
0 R Johar 4 weeks ago