Type of questions we can post – Subject related and within guidelines

Good morning Sir,

This post is only to know your intrests in replying subject related queries.
Because just as observation some subject related posts For our minds we presume subject related, it could be different in your eyes we understand like below head lines
‘ ‘ వృశ్చిక లగ్నానికి షష్ఠం లో అశ్విని 3 లో కుజుడు 8° & రవి 9° శుక్రుడు భరణి1 16° లో ’ ‘
or‘ ‘ Golden Prediction Technique video – Techinique reverse scenario doubt ’ ‘
and few other,
you only responded to correct tag and other parameters. Actually kept silent on query or your part of judgement.

In my head things goes like,
May be I should not have posted it or replied it.
May be Sir will respond only based on time he read the query based on your star grades
May be his silence mean we are irritating Sir or wasting time with too advanced questions for or level
May be the question is not worthy to answer
May be Sir knows we are just showing off instead of learning from basics..

In any case, my opinion is as this is all online Not in person teachings, there is huge chance of gap in understanding. Also, I understand you are sparing lot of valuable time to educate without expecting anything in return. Personally I still wonder myself if I am going in right direction.
Apologies for long text, but kindly consider you have right to let us know our mistakes and right to even give remarks. If we really want to learn we anyway will be active in this forum.
Thank you sir.

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17-05-2020 7:37 pm

Sometimes, we archive old discussions, and at other times, we sit down to address Telugu questions. We try to stick to addressing questions related to a specific topic when we pick one. However, after 3 years, we are now more focused on diving into active discussions and promptly addressing them. So, feel free to start any discussion you like, and we will jump in whenever we find some time. 🙂

What is kuja & surya is not a kuja aadithya yogm it is a hasthangaya? ✅

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