Move Lagna feature is not working ✅

When i try to move lagana the page is redirecting back to KP Horary page instead of generating a new chart

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“1895” “GuestUser” id=”74966″ number=”1 @”GuestUser”#p74966 thanks for reporting.

  • * Move lagna is not working for guest users
  • * Logged-in users could able to move lagna but the horary number is changing back to 1 instead of the given horary number.

    We will fix this by EOD.

    cc : “Vinod” id=”3 @”Vinod”#3

  • TeamRVA

    “1895” “GuestUser” id=”74966″ number=”1 @”GuestUser”#p74966 Solved! clear your device cache and cookies and try now :

    Currently move lagna feature will only work if the user is logged in, we have removed this limitation for guest users in “RVA v2” .


    6,9 , 6,9,15

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