Results when the same planet is Yogakaraka as well as Bhadakaraka??

For example, Saturn in 1 st house conjunction with Jupiter for Taurus ascendent sat-00.19 deg, jup-7.30 deg .Both are in krittika star with sun in 9th house sun-positional status . How does it work in Saturn and jupiter dashas?

My idea 1 : As Saturn is Yogakaraka and also getting significance of 9th house and no any dustana house significance for Saturn, It will give good results.

Idea 2: Saturn being the Bhadakaraka, star lord present in Bhadakaraka sign 9 th house , give bad results.

Which interpretation is correct sir?

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18-07-2022 7:09 am

2,26,27 , 2,23,26,27

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