Sthana vs Bhava

Vinod garu,Namaskaram.I have observed you using sthana and bhavas very interchangeably, and analyzing so. Can you please provide clarity on this please? For example, video 147, you continued to use only sthanas for Mars&Saturn as 2nd but 1st bhava and for Moon,Mercury & Sun as 11th but 10th,10th & 11th bhava respectively

Please give us some tips on how to handle this sthana vs bhava?

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04-04-2020 4:43 am

You are absolutely correct no doubt in that. when we are analyzing generally we can consider the signs directly.

In some cases, it will also give both bhava and sign results. but when you are analyzing minutely you need to consider the bhavas significance as very important. wherein some cases if the planet is nearest 3.20° degrees to the next bhava you need to consider the next bhava only.

I do not need to take stress to judge because we are combining the Vedic , western and KP so i do not miss anything i do also follow progressive aspects minutely and i correlate the dasha to get an accurate prediction

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