Moon Progression in Western Astrology

You have used moon progression extensively in this video, which wasn ’ ‘ t the case for previous chart case studies.

Given the fast progression of Moon, the aspects shouldn ’ ‘ t create a lot of impact I believe.
Can you please clarify this?

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02-04-2020 6:03 am

in every video, I’ve tried to explain new points to judge because in one single video we can not express all at once.

Coming to progressive moon in western astrology comparatively other planets it will progress very fast.

so whenever you are judging something using progressions if you want to pinpoint a specif month progressive moon will help you to judge the event. remaining factors depends on the transits too, some times even transit planets will encounter bad aspects too

progressive moon will progress 12 degrees per year . whenever you are going to judge positive or negative aspects using progressions for example: if you are going to judge the positive progressive aspect then progressive moon should favourable give trine or sextile to any planet in the horoscope then the positive result will get active.

in the same way whenever you are judging the negative progression if progressive moon stuck unfavourable with any square or opposition aspect without any counters negative event is going to takes place. if the transit involves in that progression will also give negative results. if transit is favourable it will hold the event throughout the favourable period

one more important thing i am not going to judge considering only progressions. i strongly follow vimshottari dasha i will also check how it has given result in past, considering the significance of the planet to judge the event. i do use vedic, western, kp to cross-check.

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