Can I became successful astrologer?

I have read 8th house is the house of astrology.but in ur video u said 9th house is the house of 9th lord in 8th house(negation)…can I became successful astrologer..currently iam getting very less customers .pls tell is it suitable for me or not…I have Mercury Jupiter conjunction,moon ketu conjunction,saturn in 8th house ,saturn is aspecting 2nd house..pls clear this doubt vinodh gaaru

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02-11-2023 2:22 pm

We’ve done a video on our English channel on this topic. Could you please take a look at it here:

13-11-2023 10:50 am

It can’t be defined with a single parameter. According to the information you’ve shared, you are already an astrologer. Enhance your skillset through practice until you seize an opportunity. When that opportunity arises, give your best effort to excel in horoscope analysis. One day, you will undoubtedly experience growth.

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