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Hello sir, I want to practice the principles of vedic/kp/western astrology on as many as 500 horoscopes. The problem is everyone in my family is opposed to astrology and wouldn’t give any details of their lives for analyzing. Do you know any website/book/blogs/apps where birth chart along with important life events are given? Presently I’m relying on famous people birth charts, some magazines and sample charts given in KP and BV Raman’s books. Do you know any other alternative?

Another doubt which I have is, suppose even if I collect birth times of various people, they will most likely be wrong and need to be rectified, right? How can we avoid rectifying birth time so many times? Should we use horary astrology? But let’s say I want to analyze Mahatma Gandhi’s chart and I don’t have any birth details. So should I, myself, think of some random number and rely on that?

Can you please let me know what is right way to start interpreting/practicing astrology so that I can start this as a profession.

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31-05-2023 10:26 pm

Thank you for your questions. We understand your desire to practice astrology and the challenges you face in obtaining birth details for analysis. While there are various websites, books, blogs, and apps that provide birth charts and important life events, it can be difficult to find a comprehensive and reliable source for a large number of horoscopes.

We have taken note of your needs and are actually working on building our own astroDB. Our plan is to collect information from users anonymously and make it available for research purposes. However, this process comes with complications, such as data collection and the need for astrologer to reverify the accuracy of the provided data. It can be time-consuming but could potentially provide a valuable resource in the future.

Referring to celebrity charts is one way to gather birth charts for analysis, but it is important to have a good grip on astrology to be able to verify the accuracy of the celebrity birth times. BV Raman’s magazines are also a good source, but dealing with birth times, DST, ayanamsa, and planet positions mentioned in old books can be challenging.

Regarding the rectification of birth times, it is true that if the birth time provided is inaccurate, it needs to be rectified for accurate analysis. There are various approaches to rectifying birth times, and we have already published some information on this topic. We are also working on providing more documentation on this subject in the near future.

If you do not have birth details, there are methods to estimate or rectify the birth time. Mastering birth time rectification (BTR) is an important skill in astrology, and you can start by learning about it in the available resources, such as the RVA BTR playlist. By starting with shorter birth time ranges and gradually expanding, you can practice and improve your skills in BTR.

What I have done is that I have personally met over a thousand individuals and informed them about my practice of Birth Time Rectification (BTR). I have collected information from them and started practicing BTR. You are welcome to approach people and kindly request their assistance in providing important events in their life and their birth details. I suggest avoiding online disturbances and instead focus on meeting people in person.

I would also like to share another experience from my journey. After the initial stages of exploring Birth Time Rectification (BTR), I unexpectedly met a doctor who graciously shared an additional 2500 birth details of newborn babies with me. It felt like a valuable treasure that greatly enriched my practice.

PS: Please do not ask me to share any birth details from my personal database. Additionally, it is crucial to remember that we reside in one of the most populous countries in the world. So, my friend, keep persevering and continue your efforts.


We hope this information helps you in your journey to interpret and practice astrology. Best of luck in your astrological endeavors!

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