Missing cities from the database

I am creating a horoscope for a person born in Houston, TX, USA. The birth city field does NOT accept Houston as a valid place with the error message “Place not found”. This is undesirable. Houston, TX is a major city in the U.S. and it would make sense to add it to the database that stores the birth places.

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15-01-2022 5:37 am

1 , 6,17

15-01-2022 5:46 am

“1641” “User_2980″ id=”44832” number=”1 @”User_2980″#p44832 did you select country?

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https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/rva-software/ https://www.rahasyavedicastrology.com/rva-software/

17-01-2022 11:39 pm

> “1641” “User_2980″ id=”44842” number=”4 @”User_2980″#p44842 Note that the location dropdown does show Houston, TX, USA as one of the options. However, when you click on, it gets selected BUT at the same time, you get the error message that says “Place not found! Try nearest city or click on advanced options”. Below is the screenshot of the error uploaded to your site.

🧐 thanks for reporting, looks like this issue is occurring on the first page and the timezone is also not changing when we change the country, we will fix this ASAP. what I recommend is just proceed with the defaults and change location at the inner page and then hit submit to recalculate everything.

> “1641” “User_2980″ id=”44842” number=”4 @”User_2980″#p44842 While we are on the subject…. in advanced options when entering lat/long data, should the minutes be entered as is or in decimal format? For example, let’s say I want to enter lat of 17 degrees and 30 minutes. Should I enter it as 17.50 or 17.30?

Select Huston on the inner page and then hit +adv, hope you can figure it out. 🙂

when you enter coordinates manually IDK how the DST thing works, I’m attaching an old reply I’m not sure if it will be helpful or not, once go through it.

In case if the below-mentioned message doesn’t help let us know I will try to arrange a reply from Vinod.

> “71” “Vinod” id=”222″ number=”4 @”Vinod”#p222 for example Bangalore google coordinates 12. 97 ° N, 77. 59 ° E .. if you enter in RVA software it will convert to 60 .
> 97 * 60/100 = 58 so north coordinates will be 12.58 N
> 59 60/100 = 35 so east coordinates will be 77.35 E
> in our example videos its already converted so now you have to convert 60 to 100 then use same details it will show valid data
> 60 to 100 formula
> 58100/60 = 12.97 N
> 35100/60 = 77.58 E

^ Ak

17-01-2022 11:46 pm

6,17 , 6,9,50

18-01-2022 12:07 pm

> “1641” “User_2980″ id=”44842” number=”4 @”User_2980″#p44842 should the minutes be entered as is or in decimal format?

Yes, you should enter in decimal format, it will convert automatically.

17.50 ✅

> “1641” “User_2980″ id=”44849” number=”8 @”User_2980″#p44849 bhava-chalit horoscope

By default, we are showing KP New Ayanamsa with the Placidus house division system where you can easily figure planet’s original sign and its bhava.

18-01-2022 8:50 pm

> “1641” “User_2980″ id=”44852” number=”11 @”User_2980″#p44852 Machines are good at computing. Humans are good at analyzing 🙂

That is true, we are currently busy with v2 and adding a ton of new features this is keeping us so busy these days. At this moment we are just not ready to accept any PRs we will disturb you after four or five months for sure.

cc “Vinod” id=”3 @”Vinod”#3

> “1531” “TeamRVA” id=”38605″ number=”1 @”TeamRVA”#p38605 RVA Software v2

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