Confusion with Khullar Ayanamsa on Site; Inaccuracy with Planetary Positions?

Hello! I could really use some help with this. This question is regarding the planetary positions that are calculated when using the Khullar Ayanamsa on your site. I’m very into Khullar Astrology and I’m familiar with how the original creator calculates his charts. It seems that in your calculations, perhaps the cuspal positions are correctly calculated but the planetary positions are not. Khullar ayanamsa is not all that different from KP ayanamsa and yet when using your Khullar calculator, the planetary positions in nakshatra, sub, sub-sub, and sometimes even the sign itself, are wildly different. I have also used some of Khullar’s chart examples from his books themselves to test if they aligned with your software – with the Date of Birth and Time and Location he gives for the examples, and when I enter those details into your software the planetary position results are not at all accurate. I’m not sure if I’m just missing something huge but from the comparison of his calculations vs. your software’s calculations, there’s a bug that is skewing the planetary positions yours give. Would really appreciate you having a look at this and getting back to me with what I’m missing or changing what is inaccurate, thank you.


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