Which Ayanamsa is correct KP or Khuller?

Namaskar Vinod ji

I am practicing astrologer since 1995
and gone through your software ,
using my Birth detail , with Kp ayanamsa & Kuller ayanamsa , but DBA is changed drastically ..
screenshot is enclosed

KP Ayanamsa
Saturn’s Mahadasha period starting from 30/12/2008 to 31/12 /2027

Khuller Aynamsa
Jupiter Mahadasa staring from
20/10/2007 to 20/10/2023

how this is possible ?? the entire event prediction change .

Please look into it..

21 July 1969
23.42.30 HMS
Place Jabalpur

Thanks & Regards

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19-03-2023 6:42 pm

Actually, in our RVA software, the KP Kullar Ayanamsha calculation is incorrect. We have corrected it in the next version RVA v2.

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