For makara lagna satrun placed in lagna what will be the result?

For makara lagna shniswarudu placed in lagnam then what kind of results will give?

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04-04-2020 6:47 pm

for Capricorn ascendant lord being posited in own house generally gives good results. first house represents new beginning and self ability/capacity. but before judging we need to consider few things

Rules : 

// You need to observe ascendant degrees

* here three nakshatras are in Capricorn sign sun, moon, mars

– we need to observe in which nakshatra your lagna was formed.

* as well as we need to verify in which star Saturn was posited whither in 1st bhava or 12th bhava 

 -if it was posited in 1st bhava it will good.

* Now using subbu astrology method you need to verify 3 levels of the Saturn star.

 ** 1st level – satrun can be in sun or moon or mars stars 

 ** 2nd level – lets assume Saturn in mars star where the mars is posited, lets assume mars in 10th house 

 ** 3rd level – mars in Libra mars star, rahu star, Jupiter star in our case mars in own star at first pada of the chitra 

if you observe our assumption of planets posited : 

 Saturn in lagna in the star of mars, mars in own star and again posited 10th house and again vargottama . 

 the significance of the Saturn planet strongly got 1,4,10,11 significance and greatly mars posited 10th.

this will give full strength to the Saturn its not connected 6,8,12 bhavas

one more thing if either Saturn or mars gets retrograde results will be modified

you can also try verifying navamsha, ashtaka varga, shadbala ..etc

but what i have mentioned above is the simple way to verify the strangeness of the planet.

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