Based on muhurtha time can we predict events? like considering it as birth chart

Sir, For starting a work they will put good muhurtha , can we find the results with generating A chart with muhurtha timeas birthchart and predict the event and further consequences in chart, for eg marriage, house warming etc., Like that

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03-05-2020 3:45 pm

please do not make duplicate threads. if you are not getting reply go to the same thread and re-comment

04-05-2020 4:56 pm

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as per my understanding, After making that muhurtha did that has been utilized for anything or not ?

For example there is marriage muhurtha , you have been utilized it some time you may not be sharp with the muhurtha time too, in that case you have to considered utilized time .

using the muhurtha time you can predict to some extent.

There is saying called గొడ్డు వచ్చిన వేళా , బిడ్డా వచ్చిన వేళా విశేషణం in few scenarios like when a child born considering birth time we can interpret. always consider last child birth details!

But i don ’ ‘ t follow such type of methods, because chances for more failures, you need to reficity the muhurtha chart for this.

how far it will be correct?

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