Muhurtha and karma explanation

I suggested a very better muhurtham to someone. i used panchakarahitham,ek doshas,Tara Bala,Chandra Bala,proper lagna,western aspects,kp house matching,tithi,Vara,sun transit..etc very perfectly for a business muhurtha .but his business not going well.and also muhurtha day moon is trine to his natal moon purvajanma Punya supported .i observed his mahadasa,transits,western aspects not good.and also he came to me in bad time according to golden prediction technic.i have bad time confirmation..but i suggested muhurtham he is bad karma operates for me.i feeling very bad in this situation.what can I do..if other person time is bad then don’t dare to give muhurtha right sir ?

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02-11-2023 6:58 pm

I didn’t get answer…2,2,7,38 what’s this..didn’t understand

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