Muhurtha service cost concerns

Is there a specific reason for the high cost of the muhurtham service at 24k, especially when there are many books available with muhurthas? What sets your suggested muhurtha apart from those found in books, and will it have an impact on my future if I choose to obtain it from you? I’m concerned about the expense, and I’d like to understand the value it brings.

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26-10-2023 11:45 am

Anyone can’t find an auspicious time (muhurt) for an event beyond what’s indicated in your birth chart.

Muhurtham helps make your determination stronger.

The difference between someone driving a vehicle directly and learning from a school is like night and day.

Once a muhurt is decided (an auspicious time), we analyze it just like a birth horoscope to see if it’s the right choice.

While there are many different muhurts in various panchangas, simply having a good Tarabalam isn’t enough. You need to consider other factors like Eka Vimsati Doshas and the overall quality. Checking if the dates match your expectations and how well the muhurts in the books score is a time-consuming process, involving coordination and effort. In some cases, we might have to tell you that if our methods don’t provide a suitable muhurta, we can’t recommend one.

To save time and effort, we’re currently working on a muhurtha finder. With minimal knowledge, you’ll be able to understand the basics of finding a muhurta and use the finder to find one. We can’t say for sure when this tool will be available, but we hope it’s very soon. We understand that waiting for this tool might not be ideal. In the meantime, we kindly suggest considering two options: either acquiring the necessary knowledge or hiring someone to meet your needs. This is the situation as it stands.

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