how to practice GPT?

sir this technique of yours is really golden. I was curious to know which planets favor me and which don ’ ‘ t. I applied this lagna nakshatra planet and moon nakshatra planet rule on all my previous trades based on time of the trade. took co ordinates of place of the trade.

  • – all the profitable trades fell under combination of my“ ” A ” “planets 1.Jupiter 2.Venus 3.Mars
  • – all trades which confused me and took lot of time to work out or gave less profits fell under combination of my“ ” B ” “planest 1. Moon 2. Saturn 3.Sun
  • – all trades where I got greedy,over traded and got egoistic and lost money fell under combination of my“ “C ” “planets 1.Rahu 2.ketu 3.mecury.
  • -“ ” A ” “group plantes keep me very balanced. B group planet make me over confidant and over trade. . C group planets make me greedy and confused.
  • – now i would like to check the retrograde planets impact.

    vinod sir, are there any further improvisations in this“ ” GOLDEN PREDICTION TECHNIQUE ” “FROM YOUR SIDE



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    29-03-2021 1:57 pm

    “907” “JagadeeshwarreddyThota” id=”2945″ number=”1″ “JagadeeshwarreddyThota @JagadeeshwarreddyThota#2945 You have to practice this by yourself i could not be able to help you in this.

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