Golden prediction technique

I watched all of ur videos. golden prediction literally makes me mad..I changed some of my destiny things in doing right time lagna nakshatra.. somany predictions it’s came true…finally I understood sampath tara,kshema tara,Mitra tara,sadhana tara planets is working very’s comes under tara bala concept…but u told me that …example.. planet good in chart but not works.. planet bad in chart…but works well in real life..but in my case it’s working under tara bala concept…I have very good energy with sun stars…but now they giving bad results …it is changing …pls explain why..

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16-07-2021 7:28 pm

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10-12-2021 11:17 am

“1137” “vrc” id=”3936″ number=”1 @”vrc”#p3936 It’s not based on tarabala, we have to observe how good/bad the energy of stars are passing. Sometimes due to grahana or some transit affliction, the stars will not work for some time too. I haven’t done part 2 of this video. Thanks for being mad with this. enjoy it.

02-02-2022 2:25 am

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