BTR Astrology Clarifications ep206

Hello Guruvu garu
BTR examples video 206

As the birth time is 1:11 AM, for vighata calculation, the time difference is taken from sunset. But sunset should be on the same day and hence the time difference should be 7 hour 20 or so approx, but here guruvu garu has taken 16 hour plus difference. I’m confused on this and need clarity please

Nadi table considered for morning 11:13 whereas the final chart prepared for 23:08
Can you please clarify this as well

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15-08-2023 10:07 am

CN2 = Just find the absolute difference (find big value – small value)
CN 5 = 11:13 PM = 23:13:00, after rectification it’s 23:08:00, I converted it into 24-hour format only.

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