Confusion about BTR Practices

Namaskaram Guruvu garu, This is about recent chart that I have encountered and had to apply BTR for time correction. I could successfully complete the BTR based on KP, Nadi and vedic gender test. For KP, I had drawn 4 time charts over few weeks and finally could confidently zero on the time.
Events (recent one for the native) did match and see through the planet impacting the same. Completed the chart analysis accordingly.

However when I started chart reading, realised the date was given wrong due to typo (29th instead of 28th) and hence the entire analysis is futile.

My query is – if it was a wrong date, how did the ruling planets match so well during BTR, tatwas matching during Nadi analysis and I could confidently reach the conclusion along with an event matching? This has really rattled me quite a bit.

I am not at all bothered on the effort wasted. It is nothing. It’s more about how the BTR process came out well if the date was wrong? Look forward to hearing your perspective.

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