Jupiter exalted in 11th house and retrograde

Jupiter exalted in 11th house and retrograde

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12-09-2023 5:17 pm

As per your text, you have a Virgo ascendant with Jupiter in the Cancer sign. There are three possible stars (Punarvasu, Pushyami, and Ashlesha).
One more possibility is that your question is to analyze the 7th house or 4th house lord of Jupiter. In that situation, we must consider, for example, for the 7th house:

  1. 7th house is occupied by a planet (If no planet is present).
  2. If multiple planets occupy the 7th lord’s star. (We can find who is powerful among them)
  3. Consider the 7th lord, its star lord, connections, and the position of that planet.
  4. The 7th house Karaka planet.
  5. Dasha lord and its connection to the 7th house.
  6. By default, we must consider the Ascendant star lord and ascendant lord.

In addition, I verify the progressive aspects of the results and Dasha’s judgment in deciding the situation.
I have a few rules about retrograde planets:

  1. If Jupiter is in Punarvasu (Rahu/Ketu must not be in Jupiter’s star), it is absolutely fine. If the sign lord of the moon is not afflicted, that would be good for Jupiter. Due to Jupiter’s positional status, we must verify the sign lord as well.
  2. In the second case, Jupiter in Pushyami is Saturn’s star, if Saturn and Jupiter exchanged their stars, it is also fine. If Saturn is in Uttarabhadrapada, that would be great. Even Pushyami is also fine because it’s in the 11th house. Otherwise, the 2nd house of Vishaka star is also fine.
  3. Finally, Jupiter in Mercury star, if Mercury is in the 11th or 2nd house of Vishaka, it is good. Even if Mercury has retrograde status (which is not technically retrograde) due to Rahu/Ketu or any other reason, it is also fine. A planet retrograde and the planet’s star lord also being retrograde are absolutely fine.

Before checking all these rules, it’s important to determine if Jupiter is direct within 30 days or not. If Jupiter is direct, it’s not a problem.
One must understand and observe carefully. The retrograde effect of these planets in different dashas, bhuktis, and bhavas must be verified.
These retrograde rules are very powerful from my perspective, and soon I will try to document them with examples. It will be helpful to everyone. If possible, I will create a calculator to understand the retro status of each planet.

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