Knowing if a person is lying or not on a particular subject

How to check if a person is lying or not on a particular topic.

Example: if he reached a particular place or paid amount to certain people.

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18-05-2020 2:41 pm

based on the time chart when you want to check follow below-mentioned rules

if 2nd house cuspal sub-load is sun, strong-moon, Jupiter, venus, benefic-mercury tells about truth.

if it is mars, rahu, ketu, week-moon, malefic-mercury tells about laying.

in case of Saturn half-truth. he tells 50% truth other 50% kept secret

some times in case of rahu, ketu being node signs you need to check 2nd house cuspal sub-lord of the sub-lord connections.

Note : you need to practice more than 100 times to get confidence on these rules.

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