What particular job will a person does when particular transit or birth chart?

Sir, for knowing or for knowledge … …please also discuss what particular job will a person do when the particular transit or because of the original birth chart and vinsodhari and progressions

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13-04-2020 7:07 am

For this we need to workout more, Need to consider desh kala man paristhithi Current situation of the world.

Just understand the basic level about planets professions.

2,6,10 Houses are Karma Stanas Signifies about profession Consider Saturn if its a job, If its a business involve mercury. Look on Natal & D9, D10 Charts, How they are connected , Need to have strong grip on karakatwas.

For example, 3rd lord in 10th house, Communication related job. 10th Lord at 5th connected to speech karaka planets can be teaching. Its actually very big topic. This space & time not sufficient to discuss. But i defiantly want to give documentation about. As time permits will try do , will give research content on it.

Some time, if 10th & Lagna lord both are weak based on the dasha, transit , they frequently change the profession. Ex. Colors Selling, Kites Selling, Vegetables, Fruits etc.

If rahu connected to profession they do multiple kind of jobs or business etc.

Final word : Check, Natal, Varga Charts, House Connections, Karaka Planets , Take more charts to get confidence.

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