Moon would be positioned in uttara phalguni other websites says its hasta pada 4

Daer Madam, dear Sir,

I set up my theme on your website with your calculator.

I ’ ‘ m surprised by two results that are different from what I ’ ‘ ve found on other sites.

First I ’ ‘ d like to check if the difference isn ’ ‘ t due to the time of birth.

I was born in Malaussanne in France on May 8, 1960 at 1:30 am legal time.

But the solar hour was in fact 0H30.

As your calculator did not specify whether to indicate the legal time or the legal time, I indicated the legal time, i.e. 1:30 am.

I don ’ ‘ t know if it comes from that but I get two different results compared to other calculators from other sites

First of all your calculator says that the moon would be positioned in Uttara Phalguni it doesn ’ ‘ t say which Pada though . The other calculators on other websites said it was in Hasta Pada 4.

The other problem comes from the ascendant. Your calculator says that my ascendant would be in Dhanishta while other websites say that my ascendant is Capricorn in Uttarashadra.

Could you please make sure that there is not an error with your calculator and that the data indicated are indeed such as you asked me.

With my thanks by advance.

Jean P

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10-07-2020 4:30 am

Hi Jean, according to the provided birth details, our website is displaying the correct information. Please give it a try on this page:

RVA Software

TimeZone GMT +2
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10-07-2020 8:50 am

Try to access from Google chrome using translation extension

Translated by Google

Essayez d ’ ‘ accéder à notre site Web à partir de Google Chrome en utilisant l ’ ‘ extension de traduction

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