Dasha calculator giving completely different info

Hello I have been using your free calculator and I’m happy to join and pay since don’t want to learn software. I’m actually a professional Western Astrologer but learned how to interpret Dashas for my family’s charts only and love to see them.

THE STRANGEST THING: A FEW MONTHS AGO YOUR CALCULATOR STARTING GIVING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DASHA INFO, INLCUDING MAHA DASHAS! It doesn’t match previous information for the same birth info and also doesn’t match other websites. I’m very curious why this is, since you seem to be a large website and other people must be bringing this to your attention.

I would really appreciate a response.

Thanks so much
Christine Fasano

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10-07-2020 4:55 am

Hi Christine, All our tools are free to use, you need not to pay for them or subscribe

are you trying at Horoscope page or RVA Software?

These two pages show dasha in two different view formats TABLE and TREE view

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RVA Software

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from our end, everything is working fine. once check and revert back

if you still face same issue share additional info so we can look into it.

Website URL :
Date of Birth :
Time of Birth :
Place of Birth :
TimeZone :
DayLight Saving time if any :

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