RVA Software mobile and PC download

Sir please make the option for download for PC and mobile both thanks.
If we have download the rva software how can we do it it’s not showing any download option and can we buy the software.

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01-01-2024 11:46 am

@dhawal Thank you for your inquiry. The RVA software is designed to be a free web-based astrology tool, accessible through any web browser. Currently, there are no plans to develop native PC or mobile applications. However, you can continue to use the software online by visiting the following link: RVA Software

RVA Software

As of now, there is no need to download any software, and you can enjoy the features of RVA directly on the website. If there are any future updates or changes to the software, we will make sure to keep our users informed.

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Thank you for using RVA!

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