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Request for Birth Time Rectification clarification
Surya1 3 days ago
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Nakshtra 4va paadam timings variation in software generation
Mohan Kumar 4 weeks ago
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Not able to select year 2023 ✅
Udit 4 weeks ago
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Error in Chart from RVA Software proof attached
GuestUser 4 months ago
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how to save an horoscope as PDF file? RVA Software
NSubrahmanyam 8 months ago
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The Location for French Ciites is not working properly
VikramRana 8 months ago
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i want to purchase RVA Software please give information
KanakaRaju 1 year ago
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Year “2022” cannot be selected to generate any chart. ✅
lifepath8 1 year ago
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Not able to select year 2022 ✅
Udit 1 year ago
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Current day planet position
MvRk 1 year ago
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bug in rva software, for a house or planet position
kiran_kiran 1 year ago
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RVA software isn’t working in iOS and macOS
DeepthiG 1 year ago
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Discrepancy in Rahu Star and Sub ✅
Ravikumar B 1 year ago
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D9 in RVA astrology Software showing different lagna ✅
SPY 1 year ago
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Progression chart not generating ✅
VaishnaviP 1 year ago
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Progression chart not generated in RVA Software
PRajeshwar 1 year ago
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Swiss Ephemeris KP Ayanamsa
nymoveq 2 years ago
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change of RHAU & KETU in D7, D10?
gopaal 2 years ago
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make RVA Software android app
SarvaniVenkat 2 years ago
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Why is moon is taken as ascendant in d9, d10, d60 RVA Software
jojwilliam 2 years ago