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3 dhawal 5 months ago

When there are three to four planets in a house than the planets are overlapping in the print sheet

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3 Sesha Krishna 6 months ago

Unable to access saved profiles RVA 2.0

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1 GuestUser 7 months ago

Different Ayanamshas in RVA

RVA Software English
10 SaiCharan 9 months ago

Planet house no is showing one no less than actual house no

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5 Udit 9 months ago

RVA software లో 12:15 pm time ఎలా ఎంటర్ చెయ్యాలి?

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1 GuestUser 12 months ago

D3 chart inaccurate

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1 SteveT 12 months ago

Sunrise and Sunset టైమింగ్స్ ఇక్కడ ఉదాహరణల్లో చూపించే వాటితో సరిపోవట్లేదు

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2 RaviKumarB 1 year ago

unable to see progression chart in RVA Software

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1 GuestUser 1 year ago

D9/Varga Chart Planetary Position Issue

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0 vishnu vardhan 1 year ago

Which Ayanamsa is correct KP or Khuller?

English Answered RVA Software
1 Satish1 1 year ago

RVA software lo bugs unnaya?

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1 Anuvendra 1 year ago

How do I download the astrology software?

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1 GuestUser 1 year ago

Unable to find South Delhi, is this possible to be added?

RVA Software English Add Location
3 Madhavi1 1 year ago

when can we expect graphs? RVA Software v2

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2 Naresh M 1 year ago

మనది ఏ నక్షత్రం అనేది ఎలా చూడాలి?

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1 Surya1 1 year ago

Nakshtra 4va paadam timings variation in software generation

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0 Mohan Kumar 1 year ago

Not able to select year 2023

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1 Udit 1 year ago

What time zone should i select in kundali report generation 5.5 or 5.30?

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1 GuestUser 2 years ago

Error in Chart from RVA Software proof attached

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0 GuestUser 2 years ago